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Privacy statement
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Scyon BV processes personal data of visitors to the websites that fall under the holding company, visitors to events organized by Scyon BV and of persons who are qualified as future candidates with great care and in strict confidence, in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Collection,  processing and use of personal data

Scyon BV collects personal data only to the extent necessary in an appropriate manner for organizing events, recruiting new staff and building business relationships. Personal data that are processed are, among other things, data from the CV (Linkedin profile), e-mails and interview reports made by colleagues.

Scyon BV can use the personal data at its disposal by sending them messages by telephone or e-mail, or by contacting them personally:

  • Informing relations about and inviting them to events,

  • To inform people about current vacancies,

  • Sending relations newsletters and/or press releases

  • Maintain and develop relationships with people.

People can always unsubscribe ("unsubscribe") from receiving messages or indicate that they do not wish to maintain contact. For information or to exercise legal rights, you can contact our privacy officer who can be reached via:

Retention period of the personal data

When a Scyon BV enters into a relationship, it is generally a long-term relationship, because we believe that a long-term relationship should come from two sides, we will keep the data for one year, then we will request the data again. to be allowed to keep for 12 months for the purposes stated above.

Scyon BV handles personal data with care and stores this personal data properly and securely until a request is made to delete the personal data, no approval is given with regard to extending the retention period or when Scyon BV decides to remove this Personal Data from the file. .  

Security of personal data

Employees of Scyon BV carefully take care of the personal data under its management and have a duty of confidentiality with regard to confidential information. Scyon BV uses technical and organizational security measures to protect the Personal Data that are processed as well as possible against infringement. Our security measures are continuously monitored, evaluated and improved where necessary. When a data breach (breach) is detected, the affected persons will be informed and a report will be made to the appropriate authorities.


Right of access

Persons whose personal data are processed have the right to inspect the personal data that we process about them.  

Right to modification or deletion

If the personal data of a person is incorrect or changed, Scyon BV will correct it on request. If a person indicates that he or she wishes to be deleted, Scyon BV will do this from all files. Those involved will be informed accordingly.  

Withdrawal of consent, right to object, restriction and transfer

Individuals can object to the processing of their personal data. Individuals have the right to restriction of processing and to transfer of their Personal Data stored by us to an affiliated party or processor.  

Amendment clause

Scyon BV reserves the right to change the current privacy statement in accordance with GDPR. on  can be consulted at any time in the privacy statement that applies at that time. 

Scyon BV processes personal data of persons with great care and in the strictest confidence, in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

For information or to exercise your legal rights, you can make a request in the form below. Your request will be procedurally implemented and you will be informed about this.

In the case of general information, Scyon BV assesses whether the desired general information can/may be provided. If you are not satisfied with the information provided, this file will be converted into a complaint.  

In the event of a Complaint, you will be contacted personally.

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