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Shifting-left Cyber Security

Scyon stands for software craftsmanship with a passion for cyber security. This drive runs in our blood. Professionals with communication skills who always stay up-to-date with the latest cyber security developments and trends and who get fulfilment from sharing this knowledge. That way we can make an impact for our customers, each other and ourselves.

Passion for cyber security, focus on software development
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What do we do?

Eat, Sleep, Secure, Repeat

Many cyber security vulnerabilities arise during the development of software and systems, but only surface right before or after the deployment. This costs an organisation an unnecessary amount of time, money and resources and can also lead to reputational damage.

Our specialists support organisations in making the right decisions in the field of cyber security, work together with development teams to tackle their challenges and combine this with the substantive knowledge of a hacker.

This enables us to bridge the gap between software development, cyber security and the business organisation.


At Scyon, we believe that moving cyber security effort to an early stage of the software development cycle, shift-left, has a huge impact on the security of an organisation and its products.


Good security starts with a strong dose of awareness. Our people train and collaborate with development teams to deliver secure code, often even during the design phase.

Are you the expert who wants to help build this unique cyber security company, then we would like to meet you!

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Who are we?

We are experienced software engineers with an expertise and passion for cyber security and a drive to get the best out of the people we work with. A pragmatic, agile mindset and a good dose of humor are central to us.


We are naturally curious and intrinsically motivated to gain new knowledge, but we also get a lot of satisfaction from sharing knowledge. As a participant and as a speaker, we regularly attend conferences, webinars and meetups or communities.


CTF hack competitions are one of the events we like to participate in, but we also organize ourselves. For example, we have participated in the SANS NetWars Tournament of Champions in Washington D.C. and Berlin, the Global Cyberlympics, HackTheBox, SANS HolidayHack Challenge and Hâck The Hague, but we also participate annually in the AdventOfCode programming competition. For fun and profit!


Does this appeal to you? Then I would like to meet you!

Coen Goedegebure

Founder of Scyon


Thanks for your message!

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